Benefits of hosted softswitch

Choosing VoIP softswitch for business is advantageous and weighs a ton in reducing the telecommunication costs associated with your business. In a way, VoIP softswitch makes you reach many customers and clients at a time and hence increases sales and revenue. So, overall it is going to be a fruitful process for you.

What is VoIP softswitch ?

There are two kinds of softswitches:

  1. Hosted softswitch.
  2. On-premise softswitch.

If you are just keeping the baby steps to the market, then it is natural that you would  prefer hosted service. Instead of setting up on-premise softswitch, many business stick to prefer hosted services.

What google trends shows?:

There are many benefits of using hosted solution. Some of  them are described below-


Maintenance and management are the two major issues with softswitch services. You need not to bother in the case of hosted services, as the maintenance part is handled by the third party. One can concentrate on the core business while availing the hosted services. The company that hosts the server will be responsible for taking care of all nuances and support. So, in a way it is beneficial as it can save hours and lets you concentrate over other aspects of your business.


Regular up-gradation is possible with hosted soft switch. As it is handled by third party, you can have the latest in technology. Whereas in on-premise, you need to concentrate on the other tasks and it can be done periodically. Moreover, it may get delayed sometimes.


On-premise hosted softswitch includes capital expense whereas  not a  huge  sum, you have  to pay in hosted  plans. Upgrades and maintenance can cost you much if you have your own on-premise soft switch. These expenses are not going to affect your business and additional expenses if you choose hosted plan.


It is the major  factor due to which hosted services are preferred. The hardware installed for the VoIP calling may get damaged sometimes. And this is going to hamper the customer service associated with your company. If you go for hosted plans, maintenance and management are left on their hands and you need not give single thought on issues of such kind.

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