All you need to know about starting business as a VoIP service provider!

There is no doubt in the matter that VoIP softswitch is the cutting edge technology in telecommunication sector. It provides you with featured and low priced calling. Be it long distance or international calls, VoIP has come up with many more exciting features to make your  calling unmixed. It was all about availing the VoIP services. What if somebody has to start business as a VoIP service provider. The article would include certain points to be kept in mind while starting such business. The first thing that you need to consider is purchasing a softswitch platform.

A number  of companies provide specialist products. But which of these products will meet your highest demand?

Core Features of a VoIP softswitch Service provider

  • Prepaid / Postpaid Billing.
  • Proxy Call Signaling Enabled.
  • Full feature Tariff (Surcharge Fee, etc).
  • Unlimited Carrier Support (Termination Side).
  • Least Coast Routing Support.
  • nstant IAX and SIP Carrier Support.
  • NAT support.
  • Online Call Status.
  • IVR and Database.
  • Unlimited Tariffs.
  • Unlimited Client Registration.
  • Call Control Features (Max. Talk Time, Max Ring Time).
  • Batch/Single User Generation
  • User friendly Database Management System.
  • Online Statistics and Reporting.
  • Fraud Detection Tools.
  • Unlimited Gateway Support.

Class 4 or Class 5?

Well! if  you  have ever  worked in a VoIP phone industry, you must have heard these terms. Class 4 platforms basically handles high traffic levels for international or long distance calls. With its standard features such as transcoding and protocol support, billing and conversion, it meet the calling demands of many businesses. If you want to avail some additional features, go for class 5. Class 5 voip softswitch can make you move one step further. The additional features included in class 5 voip softswitch are IVR functionalities, dial tone and also access to the rest of the network. The main task of class 5 is to work for end users. You can also add some modules such as callback, callshop , calling cards and a lot more.

Benefits of hosted softswitch:

Callshop solution

It facilitates in the creation of unlimited booths over the internet. Callshops used to be the physical locations where limited booth were installed to make several calls at a time.

Billing system

Some softswitch providers offer you a softswitch connected with a billing system. In a  way, it makes you a way more advanced in your routine work. You can set different tariffs for the end users using the billing system.

No additional hardwares

If you are going to start with VoIP business, make sure that you just need a server  with internet connection. Don’t get engaged with too many of hardwares and softwares.

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