antisim blocking

Anti Sim Blocking Solution

AoneVoice Developed advance Anti Sim Blocking Solution which stop the machine, robot and unwanted calls which can be harmful for your termination end.

Anti sim BLocking Solution

Now a days Termination provider and service provider using  GSM Termination by taking facilities by network providers.These services are used by GSM Gateway.its demand have been increased due to maintaining the cost of services and competition. To ensure that Service providers enjoy a better experience, our developers and research team have been worked together from different location with help of many team members from different location to understand  the criteria of stopping the unwanted, robot and machine calls. The working of of our AV Filter Switch is based on certain rules, checks and settings as per location.It also include the rule of Whitelist and Blacklist to stop the machine calls, which helps the system to pass actual calls only  not machine or auto-generated.

Once the user authenticated by the system, the call goes ahead other wise block the caller before to hit termination server. It is a technical way at present for actual users who are regular users of  retail VoIP and use your terminations by paying you as your agreed terms.

***We are doing additions in our Anti Sim Blocking Solutions on regular basis to perform better day by day as per location.


Easy to use

  •  The Anti Sim Blocking Solutions does not require a lot of technical knowledge  to use it.An initial training would be provided by our technical team to use it in proper way.

No provisioning

  •  The feature is automatically activated by us from the backend so the customers do not have to do anything for it.Either you can enable or disable as per your wish as well as can make the changes in settings as per your uses.

No additional costs

  •  No additional costs will be coming when you going to apply any set of rules between your calls for your users.Your users will be paying normal charges only.

White & Black List Generation

  •       As per set rules whitelist and blacklist will be generated and calls will be passing ahead accordingly .

RTP Verification

  •     In case you want to apply the RTP audio verification to make the rules more strict for call’s filtering.

Block Robot Calls

  • As per set rules robot calls will be blocked and will be coming the reasoning in report for blocking.

Are the users charged for the service?

  • The users are not charged for entering data which verifies them as a real caller not a machine.

Any additional Server Required ?

  • It will be in loop of your incoming and outgoing calls.It means will take all calls and pass only actual calls ahead and block the robot calls .So we will deploy our solution in different server and will place between your switch and gateway.

Is support for all GSM Gateway ?

  • Yes our solution is software based so it supports all hardware GSM Gateways so it works with help of settings and set of rules.

Does it Support Retail or Wholesale traffic?

  •       It will work for both.Settings need to be done as per traffic.

Can use with Multiple GSM GWs or Client’s server traffic ?

  • Yes you can accept calls by many of your clients and pass from different GSM GWs as per setting in routing as well as can do different setting for each client as per location.

For more information about the product pricing please send us enquiry so that we can serve you our best.

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