ANTI SIM Blocking Solution – How its effect and Feedback

                 With AoneVoice Filter  solution you can take all calls from your current billing switch to our Filter Switch which will take calls with one prefix and send with another prefix to your switch and then pass with your gateway ahead.You can take calls directly from our filter switch to your GW if its on static IP.
AoneVoice Filter Switch recognise the robot and machine calls through the rules, mechanism and stop unwanted calls before to proceed and harm your gateway.
In few days you will see its effect (around 15-20 days) because system take time to observe  the traffic and make list of bad and right callers and callee and then it will start effect to decrease your SIM losses in GSM Terminations.
We have many scenarios there which we apply as per country/location wise effects so in start we only offer the paid trail to every client so that as per his own live feedback we can move with commercial order only.

Our Solution is currently working in all over Africa region, Europe.

*We are still in mid of additions which is coming from our client’s input and our development/Research team.

Its a kind of smart solution in which solution provider and user (GSM Termination Provider) need to focus on traffic properly and apply the solution accordingly so that result can come good soon.

Some time as per location we get the request for changes to get better result so we always welcome for suggestions from client’s end if they can add anything for better result.

Also as per network provider’s junk calls or machine calls rules can be change so we always need to monitor the traffic in proper way to go with effective changes with Filter Switch to save the SIMs.

Our team also assist in case of low ACD/ASR if its coming low due to any scenario.Team discuss with client to know exact situation and monitor the traffic and then suggest few changes to get the traffic pass in right way.
For complete details and overview please go through .
In case anyone wish to comment or have doubt please share your words.

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