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Callback solutions have been used by many service providers to generate huge profits. If you are looking for a means to provide viable calling solutions to users at reduced rates then AoneVoice offers callback as an easy solution. With the introduction of VoIP a number of countries began to regulate the usage of calling cards and calling services.


The idea of a callback service is to use the service from a legal country. To do so, the customers must set up the equipment in the country so that the calls can be routed through the country. This helps in keeping the call rates cheap and obtaining the lines easily.


Modes of CallBack

  • A callback can be triggered through a variety of methods making it more accessible for the customers. You can choose from phones, SMS, email or web-based call back solutions.

Multi-language support

  •  Expand your business by supporting multiple languages.

PIN number management

  •  The user interface allows our clients to manage the PIN numbers easily and carefully. The PINs can be tracked and they can be enabled and disabled easily.

Reporting information

  •  With a comprehensive reporting information, you will be able to analyse the calls made and the strategy you should use to maximize profits.

Speed dial

  •  customers can use speed dial to reach numbers that they call frequently easily.

How does it work?

  • Use the callback feature to initiate a call back by calling the access number or sending a message or an email for a callback. When they get the inbound call, they will be prompted to dial their own call through the IVR. This allows your users to makes calls at inexpensive rates.

How can my users initiate a callback?

  • There are a number of options available to customers who wish to use the callback feature. They can callback using the phone by dialling an access number. Alternatively, they can send an SMS, and email or access the website to arrange a callback.

Do customers pay for the calls they make to initiate the call back?

  • When customers call the access they number, they will hear the phone ring and they have to disconnect the call. Because no one answers on the other end, there are no charges for the call.

Callback solutions is offered as a purchased or a hosted solution. For details regarding the pricing, please contact us at and we will send the details to your email address at the earliest.

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