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From start-ups to matured brands, our calling card solutions are custom designed to meet the dynamic needs of every business. Our robust and fully-featured calling card platform ensures reliable communication without involving the complexities of using a software. AoneVoice provides a simplistic and user friendly platform which enriches the experience of our customers who use calling cards for their business.
We go the extra by providing everything that you would need to set up your own Calling Card Business which includes guidance, equipment, software, etc.


Calling cards make businesses easy. Start a venture of your own with a quick set up or replace your current communication system with the efficiency of calling cards. AOneVoice warrants quality services at the most competent prices offering calling card solutions which help your brand stay ahead when it comes to communication.


Batch PIN Management

  •  Generate PIN batches and track the activation and utilization of the PINs.

Multiple account creation

  • Create multiple prepaid accounts and associate them with a variety of plans.

Multi-language support

  • with support for multiple language and multiple currencies you can expand your business to serve more users.

Flexible recharge options

  • Users can replenish their balance through the IVR or by going online.


  •  You can smoothly migrate from your current calling card platform


  • The reseller and distributor interfaces are customizable so your resellers will find it easy to market products under their brand.

Sign Up

  • Online and IVR signups are available for customers making the signup process easy.


  •  We have a flexible IVR system which allows your customers to select their own recordings if they do not want to use the pre-recorded IVR settings.

Balance Transfer

  •  Balance can be transferred between accounts to make things easier for the customers.

Speed Dial

  • Customers can use speed dial to get to friends and family quickly and with fewer hassles. It is also a good option for those who call long international numbers very often.


  • Our calling cards solutions is fully customizable helping customers get the most from the market and provide their users with a feature rich product.

What is PIN-less service?

  • It is very similar to the way in which you use the traditional calling cards, but instead of using a PIN before you place the call, we identify you through your caller ID which is linked to your account. You can have more than one caller IDs for better accessibility of the services.

How can my customers replenish their prepaid balance?

  • They can use the IVR system or choose to do it online using cards or vouchers.

Who can use your calling card solutions?

  • All ISPs, ASPs and Service providers who would like to extend their service offerings to include calling cards in them.
  • Call shop and internet café operators wanting to expand their services.
  • Telephony service providers.

Do I have to bring my own equipment?

At AoneVoice we offer our own equipment to our clients which helps them set up the services and get started quickly and with a lower amount of capital.

Can I offer the calling card solution to resellers?

Yes, our calling card services is a white label solution so you can have resellers under your brand. We offer you a host of resources which can help and support your resellers. Some of these are specialized web portals that have been designed particularly for distributors and agents. It also includes comprehensive reporting for commissions and a lot more.


The price of a card usually depends on the quantity of cards you print and the quality of the printing. It usually costs between 5 and 10 cents per calling card depending on the volume.
On the other hand setting up a pricing for the calls is something that needs deeper insight about the market. Consider competition prices before setting your selling rates to ensure that you maximize profits and increase your visibility in the market. Email us at sales@aonevoice.com for details on the pricing of calling cards.

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