Best form of communicating for qualified lead generation

1.Visitor click on click2call button
and enter his phone number

2.Click2call will call on entered number

3.Your phone rings & call is connected with the visitor


Click 2 Call VoIP Solution


Marketing is an important part of every brand, big or small. This is why we have come up with click 2 call which is our white label solution for you so that your website can connect calls instantly to a live agent. This is achieved when callers click on an icon on the website which initiates the call. The users do not have to leave the website for the call so the call is being placed while the user is still on the web page.

Click 2 Call enables to every business to convert their online traffic in potential leads.Its allow to customers to talk with with your agent directly over phone call instantly to get all doubts clear as well as feel the positive and real experince regarding products.


At a time when leads and conversions are what matter the most, our click 2 call solution can be helpful in converting potential customers and creating new leads.


Easy set up wizard

  •  The set up wizard is easy and can be used by just about any organization easily and quickly without looking for help.

Toll Free Calls

  •  The toll free calls are placed quickly and easily, making it next to effortless for your end users.

Number validation

  • The platform validates the number that has been entered by the user so that you can build an accurate database.

Call Queue and Follow Me

  • These features help you build your brand value more effectively among your customers.

Anti-Bot Security

  •  With appropriate authentication and the right mechanisms, we ensure that the calls are placed by humans.

Call limitations

  • We can limit the calls by IP address and destination which can make it easy for you to filter unwanted calls even before they are placed.

Call Logging

  • You will have access to the call logs and reporting to understand the types of calls you are getting which can help in building the right strategy for your company.

What is Click 2 Call?

  • AoneVoice’s Click 2 Call solution is a cloud based service for business customers who want to get better conversions from their website visitors. An icon is added to the website and whenever a customer clicks on the icon, they will have the option to enter their phone number so that a click to call session can be initiated. A call is made to the phone representative and a second call is made to the website visitor and the two calls are bridged together.

How can my customers configure click 2 call?

  • With our easy to set up wizard, you will be able to quickly configure click 2 call for your website. You can choose the icon and select from the different security options available and also choose the destinations that can be called. This will help you target your audience by location.

What type of websites does it support?

  • Click to call supports all types of websites including Drupal based CMS websites.

Can a call back be scheduled by the website visitor?

  • Yes, website visitors will get the option to choose the date and time for call back.

For information on the pricing of Click 2 Call, please send us an email at and we will email the details to you at the earliest.

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