Direct Calling/Speed Dialing

Competitive pricing

Ease of use

Direct calling | speed calling


PIN-less customers can enjoy easier calling services by setting up a particular access number which automatically rings through a destination. You can have unlimited direct calling numbers set up on an account. This helps in connecting easily with friends and family members.


This is helpful for customers who call up international numbers frequently and those who need to make calls to particular number very often. Instead of remembering long numbers they just have to use the access numbers for the calls to be connected. The initial process of establishing the call remains the same for all PIN less accounts.


Competitive pricing

  • Customers are able to use their phone to make a call over the IP network which helps them incur lower call costs.

Ease of use

  • With Direct Calling, AOneVoice enables customers to use their VoIP services easily and to get the most out of the VoIP service.

How to use Direct Calling?

  • A Pin less account user can register their phone to the account and when they call using the phone number, the system connects the call once it recognizes the phone number. Next, an access number can be linked to the number you wish to dial and this access number can be used always for dialing that number.

Who can benefit from Direct calling or speed dialing?

  • If you make calls to international numbers or if you need to make calls to numbers that are not very common and are difficult to remember then you will find this solution to be a good one. So anyone can use direct dialing, even the numbers of family and friends can be put on speed dial to help customers call them quickly and easily without looking up their phone numbers.

For details on the pricing, please contact us at sales@aonevoice.com and we will send an email with detailed pricing information to your inbox at the earliest.

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