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AoneVoice’s white label Enterprise VoIP solution enables customers to manage enterprise VoIP effectively and efficiently. It is particularly helpful for large organizations who have employees that are distributed over a vast geographical region. Such companies who have a bigger presence have employees who may need to make long distance calls which may lead to augmented costs for the company.


With our enterprise VoIP solutions, your customers will be able to enjoy a host of features on their VoIP including calls between company locations at a flexible and feasible rate.


User friendly interface

  • The interface is easy to use and can help you manage multiple activities without help.

Long distance providers

  • With a flexible mechanism to manage long distance providers, our Enterprise VoIP solutions is a great option for growing your business exponentially.


  • Routing is based on the grounds of priority, cost, quality and prefix match. This helps companies gain better margins.

Real time actions

  • Real time call authorization, routing, rating, costing and margin calculations helps companies with better insight on the current situation.

Call Failover

  •  We provide call failover of up to 5 best termination routes which helps in enhancing customer experience.


  • Comprehensive reporting system helps customers understand and assess the routes performance and build necessary business strategies.

Call Analysis

  • With the help of different filters, your customers will be able to do proper call analysis to understand the trends.

How can it help my company?

  • It helps the company save costs on long distance calls by eliminating unwanted Telecom charges when employees call from one company location to another. In addition to this, our Enterprise VoIP solutions offers a host of features which can help the customers get the most of it at a viable cost.

Who can use it?

  • Companies trying to cut down long distance and international call costs, especially if they have employees who have to travel to different locations. Even organizations who have a larger geographical presence and those who want to manage a robust IVR system will find it a great solution.

Can my customers control the calls in the organization?

  • Yes, you can control and secure call within the organization. Companies can also charge departments internally for the use of telephone services.

For information on the pricing of our Enterprise VoIP solution please contact us at and we will send the details to your email address at the earliest.

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