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Hosted PBX Solution


With hosted PBX, our customers can help organizations grow in a better way by hosting the VoIP services for the clients. This allows the employees of the organization to work in a more open environment.


AoneVoice offers Hosted PBX services which helps your business customers get some of the best features and an entire range of telephony services. This can help you win more business and get customers anywhere in the world.


Carrier Grade Platform

  • To enable our customers to provide phone and data support to thousands of customer we provide a robust carrier grade platform.

Class 5 Features

  •   Features like call forwarding and call waiting are already available on the service for ease of use for your customers.

Voice mail

  • A feature rich voicemail service helps your customers customize and personalize their voicemails to their satisfaction.


  • You do not have to worry about manual configurations any longer with our auto-provisioning profiles for the popular models of IP Phones.

Auto Attendant or Virtual Receptionist

  • Using this features, organizations are able to ensure appropriate routing of the calls.

Dial by Name Directory

  • Another useful feature for business organizations is the ability to use the dial-by-name directory to increase the efficiency of the VoIP service they are using.

Multi-Language IVR

  • A fully customizable multi-language IVR is helpful when business organizations are working from different locations and handling multiple languages.

Customizable Hold Music

  •  Users will be able to change the music people listen to when they are on hold. This helps companies in branding their services through the VoIP they are using.

Hunt Groups and Call Queues

  •  If your organization requires the feature of a hunt group or call queues then through Hosted PBX we will be able to offer this feature.

Fax to email

  •  Never miss an important fax with the help of this feature which allows you to receive your fax notification in an email.

If the number of seats or extensions a factor in the pricing?

  • AoneVoice charges you by the number of minutes you use for the outbound calls. Inbound calls and on-net calls between users is not chargeable.

How can the IP Phones be provisioned?

  • AoneVoice offers auto provisioning which ensures that every time a device is connected at the customer’s premises, it automatically shows up on the AOneVoice platform. The auto provisioning profiles that we have to offer are available for most of the popular IP phone models and we continuously develop new profiles as the requirement comes up.

Does your Hosted PBX support resellers?

  • With AoneVoice’s white label Hosted PBX solutions, you will have the resources you need to support resellers. This will include reseller portals, reporting details and a lot more.

Can I use call recording service?

  • We have call recording service where you have up to 30GB of free storage. For companies which require additional storage space, we have competitive pricing options for expanding the storage.

Can I customize the IVR?

  • We offer a number of IVR prompts that are available in different languages without any charge. For users who would like to use customized recordings, they can upload the recordings to the administrative interface.

For details regarding the pricing of Hosted PBX, please email us at and we will send you an email with the details at the earliest.


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