PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange,
which is a private telephone network
used within a company or organization.

Hunt groups and call queues

Multi language IVR

Hold Music,Voicemail

Hosted IP PBX Solution


With the IP phone costing less than the traditional PSTN phones, customers want to move to the IP PBX system. This is why we offer these services for our customers so that they have the opportunity to explore a growing market.


With features like call queues, voicemail systems, email notifications and voice menus, there is a lot that can be explored. With an effective IP PBX system, organization will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.


Class 5 features

  • Features like call forwarding, call waiting and more are available on the IP PBX system we provide.


  • Our feature rich voicemail system ensures that customers can customize their voicemail systems to their own liking and to meet the requirement of the company when needed.

Auto provisioning

  • With auto provisioning of most of the popular IP Phones, you do not have to deal with delays and hassles related to provisioning.

Voice Menu

  • With the help of a voice menu, customers can streamline the calls that come to the organization.

Multi language IVR

  • The multi-language IVR system makes it easier for you to handle users who have different language requirements.

Hold Music

  •  The hold music can be customized for branding purposes.

Hunt groups and call queues

  • These help in improving the communication system of the organization especially when they are expecting a lot of calls.

Fax to email

  • Get notifications of your fax on your email for better accessibility.

How does auto provisioning work?

  • With auto provisioning, our software recognizes your device once it is connected to our network. This reduces the cost and time that goes in manual configurations.

Are self-service portals available for the users?

  • Yes, self-service portals are available for the users enabling them to add extensions and review real time call details.

Can I record the calls?

  • Call recording service is available with our IP PBX service. Our customers get up to — GB of free storage space for recording calls and for additional space, they can review our pricing for storage for recording calls.

Can the IVR be customized?

  • While we already have a host of pre-recorded IVR prompts for the ease of our customers, if you would like to customize them, then you can easily do that by uploading the IVR recording to the interface.

Can I add a mobile extension?

  • Yes, AoneVoice offers mobile integration for better services.

For all pricing details related to our IP PBX solutions, please contact us at and we will send you the information on your email address at the earliest.

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