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Automatic configuration

Maximize battery life

Balance Display

Integrated Address Book

Mobile Dialers Solutions (AV Dailer)


Most of the business organization today have employees who use mobiles more frequently and can access the mobile phones more quickly than other devices like their PC because of the fact that mobiles can be carried around wherever they want. This is why mobile dialers are gaining popularity.


Our mobile dialer works on Android, iOS and Windows devices which helps you connect a larger number of people to the VoIP market.


Automatic configuration

  • Once you download and install AOneVoice’s mobile dialer, you can login using the Opcode and you will be ready to use your VoIP enabled mobile phone.

Maximize battery life

  • With the help of Push notifications, customers will be able to maximize the battery life.

Balance Display

  • They will be able to check the balance when they want to.

Calling Features

  • We offer all VoIP related calling features like speed dial, call forwarding, call waiting and voice mail on your mobile dialer too.


  •  If you wish to make video calls using the VoIP network, you will be able to do so easily on the mobile.

Call Recording

  •  Customers will have the option to record the calls if required.

Integrated Address Book

  •  With an integrated address book you will not have to look for numbers every time you wish to make a call.

Ring Tone

  •  You can choose from a selection of ring tone which suits the personality of your business.

Multi-language support

  •  since we can support multiple languages, more customers will be able to take advantage of our mobile dialer.

Which mobile platforms are supported?

  • You can use our mobile dialer on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The application is available on the respective stores for free.

How do I brand it?

  • You can brand the app and your company’s icon will be listed on the app store. Once it is installed, the customer will be able to see your brand’s icon on their list of apps.

Can the service be integrated with other AOneVoice offerings?

  • You can integrate Mobile dialer with the other VoIP services that you have. Your business customers can also use a mobile extension via our Hosted PBX.

Is free calling between users available?

  • With our mobile dialer you will be able to establish free calls using the internet between users who use the dialer.

For information related to the pricing of mobile dialers, please contact us at and we will send the details to your email address at the earliest.

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