Residential Voip

Provide your clients with quality home plans
and services hat fit any budget!

Features Includes:

Caller ID

Call Display

Voicemail & Enhanced Voicemail

Residential VoIP


AoneVoice offer residential VoIP which is a great option for our clients who are hoping to increase their customer base. AoneVoice offers trusted residential VoIP services for your customers and resellers. It has a host of features that make residential VoIP services easy to use and better than the traditional phone services.


These solutions help your customers increase their savings by making inexpensive calls throughout the world. It also helps you in the expansion of your business and allows you to get more customers. Our residential VoIP services are aimed for users who love feature rich services which to not cost too much.


Class 5 Features

  • Features like call forwarding, call waiting and the like are included in the residential VoIP services provided by us.

Voice Mail

  •  A feature rich voicemail service helps customers set up voicemail services with ease. It also allows voicemails to be sent to your email.

Multi-language IVR

  •  A customizable multi language IVR can also be set up.

Provisioning of popular ATA models of ATAs and IP Phones

  •  With streamlined provisioning of popular models of ATA and IP Phones, you will be able to deliver better services to your users quickly.

Can customers use their existing phones?

  • Residential VoIP customers require an IP phone however, in the absence of an IP phone, an analog phone can be used along with an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)

How can an IP Phone or an ATA be provisioned?

  • AoneVoice offers auto-provisioning profiles which help in making it easy for our customers to provision IP phones and ATAs. Our user interface will automatically show the presence of a device on the network when it is connected to the network at the customer’s premise. This helps in removing the need for manual configurations.

Do I need to schedule visits for installation of residential VoIP?

  • In most cases, IP phones can be installed without any technician visit because they are plug and play devices. However, in rare cases, an installation visit may be required. Service providers will have to take a call depending on the customers they are handling.

For all pricing information, please contact us at and we will send the details to your email address at the earliest.

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