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SMS Broadcast


SMS is an easy way to communicate important information to customers. It is non-intrusive and it can reach numerous customers at the same time. This is very helpful for business customers who prefer to send important details regarding change of products or new products and services through a message. Messages can also be used for promotions.


With AoneVoice’s SMS Broadcast, your customers will be able to reach out to their users easily and effectively.


Ease of Use

  •  Upload the contact details easily and send the messages without a lot of hassles.


  •  Without using a software, our cloud-based service allows you to login from wherever you want and access the SMS portal.

Opt out

  •  Your customers will have the ability to add the opt-out option so that the end users can choose to not receive messages in the future.

Importing Spreadsheets

  •  For users who have details on spreadsheets, they can be imported so that customers can easily work with what they have instead of creating new files.

Fast and Effective

  •  The SMS Broadcast service is quick and it is effective so the customers get the message immediately.

Receive messages online

  •  When the end users reply to the messages, your customers will be able to access the replies online through the portal as well.

Schedule broadcasts

  •  Business owners can write SMS broadcasts in advance and schedule them for the future and it will be sent automatically on the scheduled time and day.

Will the end user have the option to opt out?

  • Yes, if customers want to add the opt-out option then end users will be able to opt out whenever they want.

How can my customers check the response?

  • They can check the response by accessing the online portal. They will have the ability to export the responses for ease of use and for analysis and research purposes.

Can my customers schedule messages in advance?

  • With the help of SMS scheduling, SMS broadcast can be used for sending a message which has been scheduled for later in the future.

Are my customers charged for undelivered messages?

  • No, if the messages are not delivered then the customers do not have to pay for it.

For details regarding the pricing of SMS broadcast, please contact us at and we will send the details to your email address at the earliest.

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