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Virtual Office (Attendtant)


AoneVoice’s Virtual Office solutions enable you to offer your business customers with the ability to build a feature rich hosted telecom solution which is based in the Cloud with the help of our Virtual Office web portal. There are many functions to choose from which can help in reducing the costs for your customers.


From selecting DIDs to personalizing the IVR, all of these functions are made available through the Virtual Office. It is perfect for small business customers when the provisioning is in process because it does not use IP phones, instead it relies on analog phones without an ATA.


Auto Attendant

  • It helps businesses focus better on other processes.

Dial by Name

  • At a time when numbers get complicated by the day, dialing by name is easier and the more viable option.

Voice mail

  • A feature rich voice mail service enables customers to personalize their voicemails.

Music on hold

  • Hold music is always preferred, and Virtual Office does not let you down.


  • The highly customizable web portals makes it easy for your customers to access and make necessary changes to meet their business needs.

DID Provisioning

  •  The end users will have the ability to provision the DIDs themselves making it easier for our customers.

Call Forwarding

  • With this ability calls can be forwarded to desired numbers instantly and easily.

What is Virtual office?

  • Through AoneVoice’s Virtual Office, you will be able to offer your customers the ability to set up their own cloud based VoIP solution. With it, you will be able to offer round the clock services to any corner of the world. To set it up, your customers can go through the self-service portal to choose the phone numbers and configure an auto attendant. In addition to this, they will have the ability to add extensions, set up voice mail and do a lot more.

Do my users need an IP phone?

  • The best benefit of a virtual office is that the end users do not require an IP Phone or an internet connection because the calls can be routed to the traditional landline phones, a mobile phone or even to a mobile softphone platform.

Do I have to schedule an installer visit for my customers?

  • Since, virtual office is completely cloud based and it uses the existing phone equipment of the users, you do not have to schedule an installer visit.

Who is it suited for?

  • Business customers find virtual offices to be very helpful. Organizations of any size can utilize the benefits of virtual office. It is good for customers who plan to have sophisticated phone features without the need for purchasing the equipment.

Does it support fax?

  • Yes. Keeping in mind that business customers use fax very often, we have ensured that it can support fax as well.

How can the users choose their own phone number?

  • The end users will have the ability to choose their own phone numbers from the DID provider through the self-service portal.

Can we use virtual office for outbound calls?

  • Virtual office is inherently a solution for inbound calls, so if customers would like to use outbound calling, then they can integrate it with our Pin Less services which will allow them to use their Virtual Office DID as their caller ID if they do not want to disclose their actual caller ID.

For information on the pricing of the product, please email us at sales@aonevoice.com and we will send the details of your enquiry to your email address at the earliest.

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