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Wholesale billing Solutions


Wholesale termination providers usually work at reduced profits and handle large amounts of business. This entails high volumes of traffic and it does not account for a huge amount of profit. We have created a Wholesale Billing system which will enable our customers to get the most out of their business. With the help of our billing solutions, you will have the ability to terminate and track VoIP traffic for numerous customers at the same time.


You will have the option to use postpaid and prepaid Wholesale Billing solutions. If you choose to stay focused on the business instead of using manpower and efficiency on collections then prepaid can be considered as a good option in this case.


Easy to use

  •  The user interface is well built and easy to use. Customers can route calls through different carriers and add new carriers through which calls can be sent.

Expiration Dates

  •  Support for expiration date for an account helps our customers identify the users whose accounts are going to expire and also extend the expiration date automatically if the user tops us their account.

Call disconnection

  •  Any live call can be disconnected through the user interface.

Maximum call support

  •  Customers can set the maximum number of calls for every carrier that they are using.

Reporting System

  •  With a comprehensive reporting system you will be able to gain insight into the calls and enhance your business delivery strategies to make more profits.

Rate Table Management

  •  Customers can manage the rate tables by importing or exporting it when needed and using its features of rounding off, cost precision and time of day, to offer better services to the customer.

Live Calls Control

  •  The user interface allows you to view all the calls that are being made at any point of time.

How long does it take to get started?

  • With minimum equipment requirements, AOneVoice can help you get started with our Wholesale Billing software within — days/hours.

Can I email the reports to specific email addresses?

  • Yes you can email graphs, reports and alert messages to specified email addresses.

What are the fees that I can charge my customers?

  • You can charge them a bong fee for long duration calls, a connection fee every time a call is made and a hang up fee which is a defined charge payable by customers when they hang up.

For information on pricing, please contact us at sales@aonevoice.com and we will email you the details at the earliest.


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